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How do I get my NFT artwork to you for my display?

The easiest way is to simply enter the URL to any NFT marketplace like OpenSea, LooksRare, Mintable, MagicEden, or any other NFT marketplace. With this, we can download the high-resolution image and get all the information we need to design a beautiful high-resolution print for your display. Alternatively, you can upload the image you’d like us to use if that’s easier for you or if it’s not an NFT.

How do the magnetic wall standoffs work?

There are magnets on the ends of the wall standoffs and on the back of your frame. You will screw the standoffs into the wall and then screw the magnetic cap on it. Your backlit display will then securely magnetize into place and can be easily slid off for removal to charge the battery or change the image. It’s actually pretty genius.

How long does the battery last?

On the Square Backlit Display, the battery lasts over 6 hours. On the Vertical Backlit Display, the battery lasts over 4 hours. You can also plug the battery into the wall for 24/7 power.

Do I have to own the NFT I want to order?

Since we don’t have any way of verifying the person behind the wallet, we can’t verify ownership. However, you must have the rights or permission to print any images for our backlit displays. By making a purchase, you are verifying that you have permission to print the image you are ordering.

Is it a digital display?

No, this is not a digital display. It is a print that is backlit and printed on special material. This special process gives it a digital appearance without actually being a digital display.


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